Pool TablE MOVING Service

You can rely on the years of experience Big Mike’s Billiards has in taking apart and re-assembling billiards tables of all manufacturers and sizes!

Often, the pool table you want to move is an antique collector’s item or family heirloom. The utmost concern is that fragile wooden pieces can be chipped, split or cracked in the moving process. Our professional billiards table moving service ensures that your billiards table is handled with care.

Professional Table ASSEMBLY

Pool tables are often manufactured with one, two, or three large sheets of slate (stone), and that is covered with felt. In moving, there is additional assembly required to get the felt to lie correctly on the surface. The heavy sheets of slate alone can require minimally two very strong workers. Maybe you were thinking of using dollies or a hand-truck to move the table, but the slightest bump will knock the sheets out of alignment, and moving the table whole can risk damage. Taking apart and putting the slate back together presents a unique alignment challenge that requires an acute understanding of wood furniture. Big Mike’s Billiards can move your pool table and then align the slate with “precision” to the “perfect level” that amateur players enjoy and professional players demand!

Pool Table Disassembly and Slate Crating

Pool table dismantling is also known as “tear down” or “disassembly.” Big Mike’s Billiards can dismantle any brand or style of pool table. It is important to make sure all of the hardware stays intact, and all pieces stay together. 

Dismantling is not only for moving but most commonly needed for customers having their floors replaced. We can have the pool table dismantled in roughly an hour. We will move it into another room or the garage.

Other tables require disassembly due to moving out of state. We can help you with loading it into the moving truck and make certain it is loaded correctly. Crating may not be necessary for moving, however, some moving companies require it so if this is the case we can crate it as well for an additional charge.

Stairs are Not an Issue

Pool table delivery and moving can be made more difficult by tricky inclines, doorways, and stairs. Big Mike’s Billiards has over 25 years experience in moving pool tables safely in Tyler, TX. We have no trouble traversing your worst set of stairs or even many floors. Your pool table will be handled with care and expertise every step of the way. We can even move tables up or down spiral staircases. Trust the best pool table mover in Texas, Big Mike’s Billiards to handle your move.

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