Pool TablE Repair Service

At Big Mike’s Billiards, no pool table repair job is too big or small. We offer a variety of billiards table repair services including replacing pockets, cushions, slate, missing hardware and parts to your pool table. We can also fix loose cushions, mend torn pockets, and repair cosmetic issues. If your billiards table is beyond a simple repair job, we can complete a full overhaul of your table with our pool table restoration services.

Cushion repair or replacement

Over time cushion rubber becomes as hard and or dry rotted. This is caused by pool tables being set up in a garage, porch or lots of sunlight beaming through the windows without cover. Other times cushion rubber can do the exact opposite and become squishy like a stress ball. This happens when the pool table has been in a controlled climate but played on constantly for many years like a pool hall.

No matter what the circumstance we can fix it! One of the first steps in getting your cushions repaired or replaced is to determine if your cushion is bad. If you have to ask the question, there could be something else wrong, or you just may have an inferior cushion, because when cushions go bad, you know it. They either turn hard as a rock or soft & mushy. Either way, they must be replaced. You want someone experienced to replace your cushions or rails. Big Mike’s Billiards can replace your bumpers, cushions, and rails.

Pool Table Pocket Repair

When your pool table needs the pockets repaired or replaced in Tyler, Big Mike’s Billiards will ensure that the job is done the right way, the very first time. We provide custom pool table pocket replacement and repair services as well as pool table pocket installation. Whether your pockets are old and dated or you just want a new look or style, Big Mike’s Billiards can replace or repair your pool table pockets to your satisfaction.

pool table restoration

If your billiards table is damaged or worn beyond a simple repair job, Big Mike’s Billiards provides complete pool table restoration services to make your table look as good as the day it was purchased. We add pool table cloth, which generally will last about ten years, depending on the amount of play and how clean the cloth is kept of chalk.

Although pool tables can be recovered just to make them look newer, it is more common to recover a table when it is being moved from one location to another or if new carpet or flooring is being installed. Other aspects of the recovery process involve breaking the table down to the slate, releveling, resealing the seams, installing new cloth, installing new rails, and re-attaching the pockets.

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